Say ‘I Do’ to a Bridal Glow

So you said YES to the man of your dreams and now it’s time to start planning your big day! Don’t forget to add a ‘Bridal Bronze’ to your glam squad checklist.

After spraying tons of brides, several questions are on repeat so here’s a little glimpse of my recommendations for all the beautiful brides that want to add a little glow…

Is a trial tan really necessary?
No, a preview or trial tan is not absolutely necessary but it is strongly recommended if you have the luxury of doing so. Just like you schedule a trial makeup and hair session, a preview or trial tan will put your mind at ease so you’ll know exactly what to expect as far as color and maintenance goes and it also allows us the option to tweak the results and go a little lighter or darker if you desire.

A lot of brides come to Palm Beach for destination weddings and don’t have the luxury of time to do a preview tan. Breathe easy babe because I’ve got you! I spray lots and lots of brides without a trial and after some discussion as to what you have in mind, whether it’s a barely-there glow, more of a medium tan or on a few occasions an all-out Mediterranean bronze, we get you to your desired depth of darkness. I don’t use a one-color-fits-all because each person and their skin tone and undertone are unique!

How far in advance do I need to plan a ‘preview’ or trial tan?
It is recommended to schedule your preview tan at least 3 weeks before your wedding tan. You want to allow plenty of time to let your tan fade and then remove any lingering tan before you get sprayed for your wedding tan. If you spray over an old tan you run the risk of a patchy fade and your tan looking brassy in the areas where old tan remained. Your wedding pics will be lifetime keepsakes and you don’t want to ruin your perfect wedding day look with a splotchy-looking spray tan.

I have tan lines from playing tennis, golf, riding horses, etc. and curious to know if those can be eliminated?
We can even out a lot of the tan lines but it may not always be perfect. The desirable option is to wear sunscreen and eliminate crazy tan lines if you can.

Speaking of tan lines, be sure and decide before getting sprayed what you will be wearing or not wearing while getting sprayed. If your wedding dress is a bandeau, you don’t want to wear a bikini with straps that will leave unwanted tan lines. Keep your wedding dress in mind but also other attire you’ll be wearing during the wedding festivities so you don’t have conflicting tan lines from bathing suit tops or bras.

I’m not sure how dark I should go with my wedding tan?
You want people to be looking at you and your wedding dress on your big day not woahhhhhhhh she’s tan! Also keep in mind your groom’s skin tone when choosing your tan. A subtle barely there glow is always pretty if you just want a hint of color so you don’t look washed out in your white dress. A good medium sunkissed glow is beautiful if you definitely want some color and love more of a tan. If you have your heart set on looking like you just returned from Fiji I’m here for you babe and your wish is my command…as long as your skin tone can take it and still look natural.

When should I get sprayed for my actual wedding?
Plan to get sprayed 2-3 days before your wedding day. This allows 24 hours to let the tan fully develop and another day or two to let it settle in and rinse a couple of times with a body wash. The body wash will help remove a lot of the bronzer so you’ll have minimal rub off on the inside of your dress. You can also apply a thin layer of dusting powder to areas that will come in contact with your dress to help seal in the tan.

Do I have to do anything special to get ready for the spray tan?
Flawless tans do require some prep and maintenance. Start exfoliating a few days before your tanning appointment to remove dead skin cells and product buildup on the skin. It also helps to moisturize diligently leading up to the sunless tan, especially if you have dry skin. Following these tips will set you on the path to achieving a flawless tan:

1. Make sure you get all waxing done at least 48 hours prior to your appointment and do all shaving at least 24 hours prior.
2. Make sure all manis/pedis are done at least the day before the appointment. If you have no choice but to do them right before getting sprayed, ask the nail tech to skip the massaging with lotions and oils because these can cause a barrier on the skin.
3. The night before your appointment, shower with a clear sulfate-free body wash, shave if needed, and then exfoliate with a homemade scrub of organic coconut oil and sugar and scrub gloves or a mitt. Exfoliating last ensures all product build-up is removed, including the residue left from the moisture strip on a razor. Refrain from putting any lotions, oils, perfume or deodorant on after you exfoliate.
4. Bring something dark and loose and loose-fitting flip flops to put on after you are sprayed.

How long do I have to wait before I rinse? What happens if I decide to keep it on past the recommended rinse time?
Your rinse time will depend on your skin tone, undertone, and how dark you want to be. We will thoroughly discuss your options when determining your rinse time. You will be sent home with a rinse reminder card so your rinse time will be crystal clear. If you decide to walk on the wild side and keep the solution on longer than recommended, doing so will result in a darker tan, and depending on your skin tone it could result in a not-so-favorable result.

What if my groom, bridesmaids, or anyone else in the wedding wants a tan?
We do offer Mobile Bridal Spray Tan Parties where your groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and parents can join in on the wedding glow fun. The larger the party, the more the rate decreases for each individual. We bring the bronze to your location and spray each person inside a pop-up tent. Whether we’re spraying you at your hotel or home, we make it easy for you to include your entire group in one big tanning session. Please keep in mind, if we are spraying you and your group at home, we won’t be able to spray in the garage unless your garage is air-conditioned. The Florida heat and humidity make it too hot in a garage and you and your tan will melt.

I really want a tan but my schedule is going to be super tight on the days leading up to my wedding. Any chance you offer a mobile tanning option? What’s the difference between a Studio Tan and a Mobile Tan?
LUXE offers studio tans along with mobile tans if/when we have availability. Studio Tans and Mobile Tans are basically the same tan, except the Studio Tan takes place in my studio in front of a large extraction unit. Mobile tans take place in your home or hotel and are done in a pop-up tent.

Will my tan last through the entire wedding weekend?
Your tan will definitely last through your wedding weekend if you follow the recommendations of getting sprayed 2-3 days before your wedding, follow the recommended skin prep, and follow the recommended post tan care. Important note, if you plan on hanging out at the beach/pool in the water after getting sprayed and prior to your wedding, any prolonged water submersion will fade a tan quicker.

Once you are sprayed, have done your initial rinse and your tan has fully developed (24 hours), at this point, you can start using skincare products. It’s important that you use skincare products that are spray tan friendly. Choose a clear, liquid, sulfate-free body wash and a moisturizer free from mineral oil and petroleum. Moisturizing is going to be the key step that keeps your tan fresh and fading even. LUXE offers a Bridal Package that includes skincare products that will keep your tan glowing right on through your special weekend.

Will I be able to shave after I get sprayed?
You will be able to shave after your tan has fully developed (24 hours). It is recommended to use a fresh, new razor (peel the moisture strip off the razor) with a clear liquid body wash instead of shaving cream. Keep in mind, each time you shave it will remove some of the tan. If you are a daily shaver, you might want to back off and not shave quite as often.

Time flies quickly and your wedding day will be here before you know it! Just remember I’m here for you with any questions you may have concerning your bridal glow.

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