How to Get That Oh-So-Fab Tan When You Have Dry Skin

Dry skin plagues lots of us and as we get a little older we might notice that our sunless tan isn’t lasting very long. Don’t give up on spray tanning just yet! There are a few extra steps you can add to your tanning prep regime that will help keep your skin glowing a little longer.


1. Dry brushing daily
2. Moisturizing 2x daily with a moisturizer that does not contain mineral oil or petroleum/petrolatum


What is dry brushing?
Dry brushing is an excellent way to exfoliate the skin, unclog pores, increase blood circulation, and promote lymph drainage. Dry brushing exfoliates without the additional drying ingredient of hot water adding to the problem.


Use caution with sensitive skin!
Most people will reap the benefits of dry brushing but if you have sensitive skin, dry brush with caution. Never dry brush over broken skin, sunburned skin, or on your face. If you notice any inflammation caused by dry brushing please stop immediately and discuss with your physician.


How do I dry brush?
Dry brushing is typically performed with an oval shower brush that has firm bristles. Some have handles and some do not. The handle will come in handy with harder-to-reach areas but it isn’t necessary. Starting at your feet, use long strokes up in the direction of your heart. A couple of passes in each area does the trick. Some areas of the body will be a little more tender than others so be sure not to apply too much pressure in those areas. Once you’ve dry brushed your body, hop in the shower to rinse off any lingering dead skin cells with warm water. After toweling off, apply a moisturizer while your skin is still damp to lock in the moisture.


Be picky with your moisturizer!
Don’t just settle for any ‘ol moisturizer after dry brushing…and while you have a spray tan for that matter! Steer clear of products that contain nasties like mineral oil and petroleum. Those can lighten and strip the color of your spray tan. They can also act as hormone disruptors which is a whole other discussion that I encourage you to research when you have time. Moisturizing is key to holding on to a flawless tan.


Skin prep the night before your tan.
The night before your tanning appointment, hop in a warm shower and rinse with a clear, sulfate-free body wash. Next, shave with a razor that doesn’t have a moisture strip attached. Last, exfoliate your entire body with a simple homemade scrub of organic coconut oil and sugar. Pay special attention to areas that tend to be drier such as necks, elbows, knees, and shins. Be sure to also exfoliate armpits because any deodorant residue left behind may turn green when it interacts with tanning solution. The green will disappear after a rinse or two with body wash but it still looks a little alarming until you are able to rinse with a body wash.


Once your tan is fully developed…
If you have dry skin, it is going to be imperative that you moisturize at least once a day, but IDEALLY twice a day if you want the tan to hang on and fade evenly.


Dry skin doesn’t have to put a damper on your love of spray tanning! Most of the time, a little skin TLC is all that’s needed.

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