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Seriously Considering a Spray Tan but Still Unclear of the Process? Come Take a Walk on the LUXE Side and See What it’s All About…

You’ve read about spray tans in magazines, your friends and family members have tried it and love it, and you are thinking it might be time to hang up sun worshiping for a healthier alternative…but you’re still hesitant on diving in because you just don’t know what to expect. Oh babe you have come to the right place. Come take a stroll with LUXE down Spray Tan Lane…

What to expect first

First off, scheduling a tan with LUXE is an easy process. If you are scheduling a tan for our studio location, you can access the studio booking system 24/7 through our website at luxeairbrushtan.com. Just select the service you are interested in, pick a time that works for you and enter the requested information. If a mobile tan at your location is more your speed, shoot Jennifer a text at 561-716-7707 with the date and time you have in mind or send a request via the contact form on the LUXE website at luxeairbrushtan.com and the process will roll from there.

Next up

Once your tanning appointment is booked, you will receive a confirmation email explaining how to prepare for your tan, what to bring to your appointment, and how to care for your tan once you return home. The confirmation email will also include an online consent form that will need to be completed before the tanning process begins. This information helps us prepare for your appointment and informs us if there is anything that needs to be addressed before we meet.

Get ready to prep

How you prepare your skin for the spray tan will have a huge impact on the final results of your tan. Exfoliating is necessary in order to remove dead skin cells and product buildup. Bottom line, exfoliating rids your skin of anything that might cause a barrier. With that in mind, make sure to get all of your waxing, shaving, manicures and pedicures taken care of at least 24 hours before getting sprayed. These must be done well in advance or you run the risk of solution settling in your pores and causing a blackhead look…not pretty. You will then want to exfoliate with an oil free scrub and/or a scrub mitt the night before your appointment. A clean canvas is what we are shooting for in order to achieve a flawless tan so please refrain from applying any lotions, oils, perfumes or deodorant after the exfoliation process.

The big day has finally arrived…Your first spray tan is about to take place!! You showered and exfoliated last night and are ready to be sprayed…but you feel like you need to freshen up because you worked out this morning. If at all possible, try to avoid showering right before your appointment but if you must, do it at least four hours before getting sprayed because it can totally affect your depth of darkness. If you’ve gotten a little sweaty and absolutely must rinse close to your appointment, be sure to use cold water only on your quick one minute rinse and skip the soap.

Let’s talk about you

Once you arrive at the studio or LUXE has arrived at your home, we will go over the information you provided on your consent form and discuss why you are getting sprayed (special event, just tired of being pale, etc.), how dark you would like to be, if you have any allergies, your skin tone & undertone, when you will be able to rinse, suggested rinse times, any skin conditions, etc. A huge priority at LUXE is to make you feel as comfortable as possible during the tanning experience. You wear as much or as little as you feel comfortable. We have clients that wear bathing suits, some wear just bottoms and others go commando. Just keep in mind any outfits you will be wearing and if you need to avoid having tan lines in certain areas.

Darling, we’ve got you covered

The FDA has approved DHA for external use in spray tanning so they recommend that you wear protective eyewear, nose plugs, and cover all mucous membranes. These items are optional but if you ask us we are always going to recommend them. From head to toe, LUXE will provide you with the following disposable items if you choose to wear them: hair net, eyewear, nose plugs, bandeaus and G-strings for females, boxers for males, and sticky feet…which will keep you from getting overspray on the bottom of your feet.

Now we’re getting down to business

Before we start spraying on liquid sunshine, prep spray is applied to give a little extra cleanse and to add extra moisture to your skin. Since solution tends to gravitate toward drier areas of skin, we like to apply a thin coat of blending cream to hands, elbows, feet, and the back of ankles. No worries, the color will still penetrate these areas but it will be soft and smooth with the added cream.

Let the magic begin

Here comes the fun part! Take a quick glance in the mirror because in a few you will be sporting your new bronzy glow and a smile on your face a mile long. EVERYONE loves a little color…and yeaaa some like LOTS of color. That’s where it gets amazing because we are able to choose a custom solution for you that will help you achieve the look you desire. Whether it is a soft barely there glow, a rich deep mediterranean tan, or anything in between we’ve gotcha babe.

A little technical talk

Just to give you a very brief synopsis of how you obtain your color, dihydroxyacetone (also known as DHA) is the active ingredient in sunless tanning solutions and when this chemical reacts with the amino acids on your skin it produces a ‘tan’ color. Keep in mind, the tan will continue to build over a time period so you won’t have instant color from the DHA alone…that’s where cosmetic bronzers come into play. Bronzers are added to the solutions to give you instant color and they also serve as a color guide to aid in perfect application. Once you do your initial rinse, the cosmetic bronzers will wash away to reveal your ‘tan’.

Let’s get this party started

Once the machine is flipped on, you will be guided through different poses as the solution is applied with a hand held spray gun. You will be given the option to spray your face at the very end. Don’t want your face as dark as your body or even sprayed at all? It’s totally your call. We are here for you and your wish is our command. After the application is complete, a little detail work will be performed because that’s what LUXE is all about. We don’t just hose you down and send you on your way. A mini spa experience is more our style.

Dark & Loose are key

What to wear immediately after getting sprayed is always a hot topic. Opt for something loose fitting and dark along with loose fitting flip flops. If you can go without a bra for a few hours until you rinse, then that is suggested. If the girls need support, by all means wear the bra but leave the shoulder straps off. If you will be sporting shorts after getting sprayed, be sure to bring along a towel to place on the seats in your vehicle or on the furniture if you get sprayed in your own abode.

Now it’s time to marinate

This is your time to chillax and take some time off from washing dishes, cleaning house and anything else that might get you wet, sweaty and ruin your tan. If you opt for a Rapid Tan, where you can rinse quicker but it will still develop over the next 24 hours, your waiting time will range between 3-6 hours and then you will do a quick rinse. If you opt for a Regular Tan, your waiting time will usually be in the 8-12 hour range before rinsing. Regardless of the type of tan you choose, you want to be careful not to get wet! This will include washing your hands, getting caught in the rain, working out, etc.

Please heed our wise words

Suggested rinse times are important. You are in total control of how dark you get when you choose the Rapid Tan. A lot of people think more is better and plan on rinsing the following day. Whoaaaa pump the brakes here! When it comes to rinse times with Rapid Tans, it is crucial you follow the suggested rinse times for your first spray tan because the longer you leave it on, the darker you will get. One important thing to remember is LUXE takes into consideration your skin tone/undertone when determining your solution and rinse time so heed the suggestion on times…otherwise you might end up way darker than you had planned or heaven forbid a little brassy (aka orange!).

Time to rinse

at the end of your appointment before we part ways, you will be given a little reminder card with your suggested rinse time and some important tips to remember when you do step in the shower for your initial rinse. Now the alarm is going off on your phone reminding you it’s time!! Are you a hot shower lover? Welllll now that you have entered into the land of spray tanning, you will want to back off to warm showers. This initial rinse will consist of a quick two minute rinse with your hands and cool to warm water only. Nix the body wash and washcloth this time around. When you step out of the shower pat dry and don’t freak out when you look in the mirror because it’s normal not to have much color at that point. The color will continue to build over the next 24 hours so refrain from applying any products to your body during this first 24 hours. If you accidentally apply products, it will basically halt the development and the color you have at that point will be your final color. On the other hand, if after you rinse you decide hey I’m happy with the color I have and I don’t want to be any darker, then by all means go ahead and apply your spray tan friendly moisturizer to halt the development.

Gorgeous, it doesn’t stop there

Your tan will continue to build up to 24 hours after getting sprayed. Once you reach the 24 hour mark, you can begin using a body wash/body bar that is sulfate free and pH balanced and a moisturizer that is mineral oil/petroleum free and pH balanced. You’re doing your research and getting ready to spend good money on a fabulous spray tan, don’t inadvertently sabotage it by using products that aren’t safe for spray tans. LUXE has tried many and now offers a few of their favorites. These products are made specifically for spray tans so you don’t have to go shopping and diligently scan the ingredients.

Expect about a week

How long will your tan last? Everyone’s skin cell turnover rate is different but in general the tans last about a week. A few other factors play into it too…like how well you prepped your skin before getting sprayed, if you use spray tan friendly products, if you moisturize daily, if you hang out in pools/ocean much, if you hang out in hot tubs, if you workout or do hot yoga, if you shave daily, etc. Don’t fret though, we go over this information at your appointment and we send some information home with you. It seems like a lot to take in on your first time and we get it. We were in your shoes at one time too. We go over and over information and then go over it again with a take home card. We want your tan to be flawless just as much as you do so that’s why education is key here at LUXE.

Now it’s your call

You can book studio appointments online at luxeairbrushtan.com or call/text 561.716.7707 for mobile tans. Hope to see you…

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