Stretch Marks, Scars, Veins – Oh My!

Let’s talk Skin & Spray Tanning!

What we typically see as body imperfections, honestly should be seen as battle scars from living life! Those pesky stretch marks from growing quickly, scars from curveballs that life threw at us and lovely spider veins from standing a lot or that we acquired through genetics all drive us crazy! What if we could have a few days where they weren’t so visible without undergoing any kind of medical procedure! Two words: Spray Tan

Stretch marks are tricky little suckers that can be difficult to hide or make less discreet. Although a spray tan will not completely hide the mark, it can help make the contrast between your skin and the stretch mark a little less noticeable and in turn even out the skin tone appearance.

Scars are similar in that a spray tan won’t make the scar totally vanish but it will make it less apparent. The spray tan will add a hue so there is not a big contrast between the scar and the skin around it.

Spider veins are by far a client’s favorite little imperfection to hide! Once again a spray tan will not totally make the veins go poof but a sunless bronze does make them blend in and definitely less apparent. For these, you will probably want to go with a solid medium to darker tan to really hide the little lovelies.

While we’re talking about spray tans and skin, here are a few other hot topics that clients regularly ask about…

Tattoos and spray tanning are a safe combo once the area has recovered. If your tattoo is fresh and still healing, definitely forgo the spray tan and let the area totally heal. Spray tans won’t damage the ink but may temporarily make any lighter inked areas a tad darker. This will fade when the tan fades. If you prefer lighter inked areas not to darken, a layer of blending cream can be applied to the inked area to keep the area from taking the solution.

Acne is a challenge that some clients battle. If you are applying topical acne products to the skin, those products are typically going to dry out the skin in that area. Dry skin will pull more color when tanning solution is applied. The dry patches will also tend to flake causing the tan to be splotchy in that area. Bottom line, if topical products are being applied to your face to treat acne, you might want to skip spraying the face. Your tan will usually fade quicker and peel off in those areas resulting in a splotchy tan.

If you are taking an oral acne medication, this can result in dry skin for the entire body. A thorough exfoliation the night before getting sprayed is essential and moisturizing is going to be KEY to keeping and maintaining your sunless tan. Just be aware, the tan may not last as long due to the dryness of the skin.

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