Let’s Talk Body Hair & Sunless Tans

You just scheduled your spray tan but realize you’re feeling a little fuzzy? Most of us have some kind of body hair and if we don’t plan well it can cause an issue when we get a spray tan. Should I shave and if so when is the best time around a spray tan? Is it ok to get waxed and if so when is the best time when getting a spray tan? What if I just want to laser it off…when is the best time to schedule that around a spray tan? Timing is key if you want stellar spray tanning results!

If you prefer shaving over other hair removal techniques, this is best done 24 hours prior to your spray tan appointment. If you shave too close to your appointment, tanning solution can settle in your pores and cause a black speckled look. By shaving at least 24 hours before the solution is applied gives your skin plenty of time to recover.

If you forgot to shave well in advance and realize it a couple of hours before your appointment, you’re better off waiting 24 hours after your appointment to shave. LUXE tans continue to develop for 24 hours after getting sprayed so you want to hold off on anything, like shaving, that could disrupt the tan from achieving its full potential. Once the 24 hours is up and you do begin to shave, be sure to use a new, sharp razor and skip the shaving cream and opt for your clear sulfate-free body wash instead. Just keep in mind, each time you shave you will be removing a little bit of the tan. If you are a daily shaver, backing off to every other day or every three days will help keep your tan fresh and glowing.

If waxing is more your style, be sure to have all areas waxed at least 48 hours prior to your spray tanning appointment. Waxing can be a little rough on the skin so you definitely want to give your epidermis plenty of time to recover before getting a sunless tan. If you wax too close to your appointment, just like the shaving scenario, you run the risk of solution settling in your pores and causing the blackhead look which is not desirable…believe me!

When you start prepping your skin by exfoliating the night before your appointment, be sure to exfoliate the waxed area to remove any and all wax residue. If it’s not removed, it can pull extra color in that area.

Also, you don’t want to sneak a quick wax in after getting sprayed because it will totally remove the tan in that area….yes, even on eyebrows. If you forgot to wax prior to your appointment, wait to schedule all waxing once your tan has faded. If you forgot to wax your eyebrows prior to getting sprayed, one option is to forego spraying your face and just use make-up and bronzer in that area so you can continue with your brow wax.

So you’ve had it with hair and are ready to zap it all off! Cool…but definitely don’t wear a spray tan to your laser hair removal appointment. They will tell you ‘see ya once that tan fades!’ and reschedule your booty for a future date. If your skin is darker than the hair being removed, the treatment won’t work because the hair follicle won’t be destroyed and it can ultimately result in burns on the skin. Fresh ‘non-tan’ skin is what the tech will order when it comes time to do laser hair removal.

If you are having hair lasered in a conspicuous area such as legs, underarms, etc, do the treatments and then schedule your spray tan once the treatments are completed. If you are having hair lasered in an inconspicuous area such as the bikini area and you still want to have a tan so you can wear dresses, you can wear a running short while getting sprayed. This will protect the area that is being lasered and won’t interfere with the treatments. Yes, the tan line will be a little wonky for a bathing suit but it will allow you to wear dresses, skirts and longer shorts while still doing your laser hair removal treatment plan.

For the guys out there concerned about how the tan will take if they have lots of hair on their chest, arms and legs… rest assured the solution penetrates the hair and you will end up with an awesome man tan! Whether you want to look sunkissed, a medium bronze, or a full-on Mediterranean tan… LUXE will deliver on your desired depth of darkness.

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