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Have you ever wished you could just slip into a robe or pajamas after getting sprayed? Not have to battle the heat and humidity outside to keep your tan fresh and intact until you rinse? Let me introduce you to the luxurious, self-pampering service of Mobile Tanning!

Mobile tans are quick and easy and the best part is you don’t have to leave your home or hotel. From the time we arrive until the time we leave, it usually takes about 30 minutes to set up, spray, pack up and get out the door. The following is a little breakdown of what to expect during your mobile tan experience. In half an hour we’ll have you sprayed so you can do your thing hanging out at your home.

CLICK HERE to watch a video of Jennifer explaining the process, or read on for all the LUXE details!

To book a Mobile Tan with LUXE, simply complete the form on the “Contact Us’ page on our website at luxeairbrushtan.com with the date and time you have in mind or shoot a text to 561-716-7707. Once the Mobile Tan is scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email with details about the appointment along with links to the SKIN PREP section on our website and a link to our ONLINE CONSENT form. Please review the skin prep recommendations and complete the online consent form as soon as you can so you are prepared for the appointment.

It’s essential to prep your skin the night before your appointment so your skin has time to recover for the tan. Taking a hot shower and shaving minutes before you get sprayed will not result in the best possible outcome. Please be ready to roll at your appointment time so we can stay on schedule and clients scheduled after you aren’t affected by delays.

Be sure to leave my name at the gate or front desk so there aren’t any delays getting to you.

I’ll bring a pop-up tent (4x4x7) along with an equipment bag and light. We can set up just about anywhere but a hard floor surface is ideal. Please keep in mind, if you are planning on getting sprayed in your garage, we can only spray in garages that are fully air-conditioned. Your tan will melt in the heat and humidity and you won’t end up with the best possible results. Outside tanning in South Florida heat and humidity is a no-go. Sorry!

If we end up placing the tent on carpet or white cement flooring, we bring plastic sheeting to place underneath the tent and where we spray. If we are located near furniture that is upholstered or light-colored bedding, we bring extra sheeting to protect those pieces too.

We’ll need access to an electrical outlet to plug in the equipment. If there are two or more people getting sprayed, I’ll bring an extraction fan to help control overspray. I’ll also bring a ring light in case the lighting in the spray area needs a little help.

The LUXE tan you receive at your home or hotel will be the same LUXE tan you receive at our studio. We provide disposables such as sticky feet, hairnets, thongs, bandeaus, nose plugs and eyewear and you can pick and choose what you want to use.

What you choose to wear or not to wear while getting sprayed will depend on your comfort zone. Some clients wear bathing suits, some wear just a bottom and others get sprayed totally nude. Totally your call so you wear what you feel most comfortable in but keep in mind your tan lines. If you are wearing a bikini top, will those tan lines be a problem when you put on your bandeau wedding gown?

Details are HUGE at LUXE so we will do a little extra prep to get you in perfect shape for your spray tan. We use a prep spray to do an extra cleanse on your skin and to prime your skin for the tanning solution. We also apply a blending cream that will aid in a flawless finish.

Now it’s your turn to decide what look you are wanting to achieve. Do you want a barely-there glow, more of a medium bronze or are you ready to walk on the wild side with a deep dark Mediterranean tan? You tell me what you have in mind and I’ll use a custom mix to get you there…while still staying within the natural realm of your skin tone. We’ll discuss a few things about your skin tones, undertones, rinse times, and then get to spraying!

Once the actual spraying process is complete, a little detail work takes place. Don’t worry about messed-up nails, hands, or feet… we’ve got you covered! We always finish our tans with a hydration setting spray and all-over body finishing powder. Sticky tans…yea no! You will be dry and ready to put on your robe, pajamas, or walk around nude if you prefer. You’re in your own home so you do you! Just keep in mind, you’ll want to put a towel or blanket on any furniture you plan on sitting on to keep the bronzer from rubbing off on it.

Rinse times are suggestions that you’ll want to heed for best results. Most of my solutions are RAPID RINSE solutions so they are time-sensitive. If you decide to keep the solutions on longer than recommended, depending on your skin tone, you run the risk of the tan looking unnatural and brassy. We’ll discuss rinse times thoroughly before I spray you to make sure you are able to rinse within the recommended time frame. If you need to keep the tan on longer, I will adjust the solution to accommodate when you can rinse. We’re in this together babe and my ultimate goal is for you to end up with a tan you absolutely LOVE!

Once everything is packed up, you’ll be given a rinse reminder card and we’ll process your payment for the tan. LUXE takes credit cards through Square and cash payments.

Getting married and want your bridal party to be bronzed like you? LUXE does offer bridal tan parties on location at your home or hotel. Please contact LUXE for details concerning availability and pricing.

Whether you have a busy schedule and just can’t get to the LUXE Studio, are a bride and your bridal party wants to join in on the spray tan fun, are a stay at home mom and can’t get a babysitter, in town visiting and staying at a hotel, a high profile person that loves your privacy, or just want to treat yourself to a luxury at home service… mobile tanning is for YOU!

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