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I may not be the most foofoo girlie girl but I do LOVE to be tan and I do try my share of beauty products! It’s an added bonus when I can use them to prep for or wear while sporting a sunless tan. Here are a few of my favorites…  


Coola Rosilliance Organic BB Cream in Medium/Deep (Sephora) $52 – My absolute favorite makeup to wear when I have a tan! The color always blends well and it’s lightweight but still offers coverage with 30 SPF. I also love that it’s 70% organic.


Flamingo weighted razor (Target) $9 – Once you try a weighted razor you’ll never go back! It glides so much easier and it’s so easy to pop on a new blade as needed. Pair it with a Lil Lather Body Wash when shaving your legs. Also, it doesn’t have the usual lubricating strip that contains polyethylene glycol to wreak havoc on your spray tan. 


EcoTools Dry Body Brush (Whole Foods) $6 – This little brush will awaken your skin! It’s firm enough to remove dry skin but still one of the gentler dry brushes I’ve used. It removes dry skin, unclogs pores and increases blood circulation. I use it daily when I’m NOT sporting a spray tan. When I do have a sunless tan, I use the brush at the end when the tan is starting to fade. 


Micellar Water for Waterproof Makeup (Target) $10 When I’m prepping for a fresh tan, sometimes I still have small patches of pesky old tan that won’t budge. Micellar water for waterproof makeup does the trick. Apply, let it sit for a minute, and then wipe clean. 


Burt’s Bees Dusting Powder (Target baby aisle) $9 – Florida heat and humidity can be a bugger some days and it helps to have a little powder in those strategic areas so your tan doesn’t vanish. You know where I’m talking about…between and under the boobs, on the torso, between the thighs, and any other place there might be a little rubbage taking place. This powder has a fresh lavender scent and oh so clean feeling.


Bite Beauty Agave Nighttime Lip Therapy (Sephora) $25 – This little pot of goodness contains jojoba, sunflower, and safflower oil to seriously transform your lips overnight. I had some majorly dry lips from traveling and after one application they were totally healed! No one wants dull, chapped lips when you’re sporting a glow! 


Spray Studio Whipped Body Butter (LUXE Tanning Studio and $29 – I’ve always been a lotion fanatic and super picky with my moisturizer. I seriously love this whipped body butter when I’m wearing a spray tan and even when I’m not. The hydrated feel doesn’t wear off in an hour like some and it also puts a pretty sheen on your skin. Tans seriously glow with this fabulous product! 


Magic Shaving Powder in Gold Can (Walgreens) $4 – Orange palms are a thing that can happen if you touch your skin immediately after getting sprayed. I end up with brassy hands occasionally after a busy day of tanning but thanks to @CourtniThompson on Tiktok, I’ve discovered a new way to eliminate the brassy palms. By mixing a little of the Magic Shaving Powder with equal parts cool water, I can apply it to the areas of my palm and then wipe dry. This is a depilatory so I don’t recommend using it on areas that have hair unless you are good with the hair being wiped away. (P.S. I strongly suggest reading and following the directions on the container.) 


Spray Studio A Lil Lather Body Wash (LUXE Tanning Studio and $15 – Keeping my skin moisturized is the name of the game these days. A lot of body washes/soaps give that squeaky clean feeling but that typically means the natural oils on the body have been stripped. A Lil Lather Body Wash cleans the body while moisturizing at the same time. It contains aloe vera, argan oil, and babassu oil to replenish your skin… and of course, it’s sulfate-free to help keep my tan glowing! 


Woody Michleb Protein Shampoo & Conditioner (LUXE Tanning Studio and Woody Michleb Salon) $20 & $20 – Since I have routine keratin treatments I have to be careful to choose shampoos that don’t contain sulfates. Voila! I love how this one doesn’t strip the moisture from my hair and leaves it light and shiny. I’ve also noticed I don’t have hair breakage with this duo as I have in the past with other brands. Bonus, since it’s sulfate-free, I don’t have to worry about nasties dripping down my back on my fresh sunless tan. 

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